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Natural Spring Improvement Plan


Natural Spring Improvement Plan, developed by Water Solutions Inc., includes five pages of technical drawings with descriptions on how to reduce bacterial contamination and improve your natural spring. This method of natural water spring construction has been applied successfully to springs on ranches, residences, estates, campgrounds, and resorts alike.  


Product Description


  1. This product comes with five detailed drawings that cover the following subjects:
    •  Overview(previewed above)
    •  Functions and Hazards
    •  Mitigation of Risks
    • Construction Detail
    • Special Notes
  2. This product is suitable for both construction guidance and regulatory submittals.
  3. With the purchase of this plan you are able to contact Water Solutions Inc. with any questions regarding the information provided.

Benefits are:

  • Reduction of “spring blow out” (where the spring moves or daylights elsewhere)
  • Improved spring flow
  • Reduced contamination
  • Significantly improved collection volume
  • Reduced contamination
  • Improved reliability

Whether you are using your spring for irrigation, livestock or consumption these drawings will help you improve your spring